Stress Position

a The Siblings production
Writer/Director: A.J. Bond
Producer: Amy Belling, A.J. Bond & Jessica Cheung
Executive Producers: Constantine Carmichel, David Amito, Amy Belling & A.J. Bond
Editor: Adam Locke-Norton
Directors of Photography: Amy Belling
Composer: Dan Werb
1. No severe pain
2. No permanent physical damage
3. Nothing illegal
How bad could it be?
Inspired by a flippant remark about the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, filmmaker A.J. Bond made a bet with his close friend and longtime collaborator, actor David Amito, to see which of them could withstand a week of psychological torture at the hands of the other.
Shot in an avant-garde ‘torture chamber’ in an isolated warehouse under the supervision of associate producer Marguerite Moreau, what begins as a bizarre and darkly humorous Reality TV scenario gradually spirals out of control, testing the limits of their friendship and exposing an unsettling connection between filmmaking and torture…